Sunday, February 22

How Much Is A Child Worth?

The sickening answer to that question can be supposedly be answered in a report by KCTV in Clinton, MO. A woman has been arrested nearly four years after she bought a baby from a woman in Wisconsin for $6,000. Top that off with the fact that the wife (Denise Novotny) never told the husband where the baby came from, but created this whole concocted story up about using a surrogate mother. He was just as shocked as the rest of the readers of this article were undoubtedly.

The child, now four years old, has been removed from the custody of the Novotny family. The husband says he will fight to gain custody of the child, whom its original parents say they still don't want. The whole incident appears to have been brought to light by Denise's sister, who was upset over a family issue.

My hope is that this child winds up with a loving, caring, and honest family so that she may have the chance to grow up to her full potential. It is shame that we have people in our society that would stoop so low to sell a child, and that there are people out there who are more than willing to pay for them. Let's not treat children like property. Anyone who has held a baby knows that you can't put a price tag on God's most precious gift.


Anonymous said...

HOw is this different from paying a surrogate mother's expenses and giving her a stipend?

the child went to a family that loved her.

Newsy said...

This is different because the woman LIED about the entire scheme. She went to someone who had just had a baby in Wisconsin and paid her off. Her husband had no clue about how the whole situation came about.

It is also different because the baby was purchased... like you would buy a car, computer, or groceries. When a surrogate mother is involved you are basically paying for the expenses she incurs rather than for a product. I am sorry... you don't buy children like you do produce at a farmer's market. Comparing the two simply doesn't mesh.

Also, you can't say that the ends justify the means. For example... You wouldn't kidnap a child that was in a bad home just because it needed a better place to stay. You follow the parameters set forth by the laws. You take the appropriate action. This child may very well have wound up in a loving home, but that doesn't mean you purchase them on the black market to get it.