Wednesday, February 18

Breaking News!!!

Breaking news from the Joplin Globe... the City of Monett will now be the official power supplier to the Valley View Estates Subdivision and the Heim Trailer Park.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Joplin Globe ran a breaking news story on their website about the fact that my subdivision now will receive their electric bill from the city and not from Empire District. You know, I am really surprised that when this news was announced that KSPR or KOAM didn't break into programming and announce the details!

Are you kidding me? Since when is this breaking news? And since when did breaking news become so mundane? It may have been a slow news day, but come on. This is crazy! First of all, it only impacts approximately one hundred people. Secondly, it is about the changing of billing rights. Does that even deserve front page status, let alone a bright red bolded BREAKING NEWS icon?

I will give the Joplin Globe credit for covering the fact that my pole light will be included in the change. Not every journalist pays that much attention to detail.

So, the Globe can mention that Monett has had an electric company switch but can't highlight the fact that Monett's wrestling team qualified 10 to state the day after it happens? Stop the presses... whoever is making these decisions is obviously in the dark about what people really care about.

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