Sunday, February 8

New Weather Blog Makes SW Missouri Well Covered

KOLR 10 has jumped headfirst into the blogosphere and has put together a great product. The Weather Lab is now available via Blogspot, which you can connect to by clicking here or by checking out the link over in the blogroll on the left.

All I have to say... KY3... hello? Where are you?


Aaron said...

Amen to that. I'm surprised Sniderman hasn't spiced that area of the weather department up yet.

Anonymous said...

Granted KY3 weather hasn't started a blog yet (about all they don't do) but you can get this info from KY3 daily in your e-mail box just by signing up. That way it is there for you to read when you want - without having to look for it

Newsy said...

I would argue Anon 12:14 that while the email forecast discussion is a great service it is nowhere the same as having a blog. You don't get the interaction and answers of questions and I would assume that they don't email out the model data and it discuss it either at the level that KOLR or KSPR do. When you have a blog it is more of a discussion of what "could" happen as opposed to it be an official forecast.