Sunday, July 19

Ashley Tisdale To Perform For Extreme Makeover Home Site

Top story from KSPR:

Ashley Tisdale To Perform Free Concert

I know, I know... isn't it great? The High School Musical star will be in the Ozarks on Tuesday!

While I am very happy for the Hampton family and they are certainly deserving of the new home, the KSPR overkill is driving me crazy. Does the news have to be broadcast live from the site? Does it have to take up all the space on your website? Does it have to factor into the weather blog posts?

I will be happy when the family gets to move in and start their new life. I am grateful for the men and women who have donated their time to make this dream a reality. I am glad that ABC chose the Ozarks because there are a lot of nice people here who deserve this. Still, I am tired of the overkill by KSPR. Every piece of plywood or sheetrock put into place isn't news. Come on Joe, Christine, Michelle, and crew... let's get back to covering the rest of the news, too.


Chris said...

Gotta love it. ABC has to be sponsoring their entire newscast, besides carrying the station affiliation.

I like KSPR's news but over the stretch of the EMHE hubbub I can't watch it. Ugh.

Brad Belote said...

I appreciate the feedback guys, but from our perspective
- this was a news event that we could OWN. The other stations weren't likely to go after it and we don't have EMHE coming town on a regular basis. We had to strike while the time was right.

- I made a point of still committing resources to doing the news of the day. We weren't going to sacrifice the rest of the Ozarks for this one story.

- The EM:HE coverage consistently was among the most read stories on our website and we smashed our all time record on Tuesday. I'll trust the people and their choices.

Again thanks for the feedback. It's welcome any time.

News2K said...

While I did not care for the choice that you made (we'll just have to agree to disagree), I do appreciate your time responding to what we expressed here on this blog. It is this communication that is an advantage that KSPR has over the other Springfield stations. That is a positive.