Wednesday, July 8

Ohio Says NObama?

Not good news for Obama... a new poll released today from Quinnipiac indicates that Obama's job approval rating has fallen in the swing state of Ohio to 49%. On the surface that might not appear to be a bad thing. 49% is almost half of the state's population. Matt Blunt would have killed for those kinds of numbers a year ago. Yet, that number is down significantly from the last survey taken which indicated that Obama had a 62% job approval rating by Ohio residents in May.

Drops like that aren't statistical margin of errors or an ebb and flow of approval ratings. That is some serious drooping. It will be important to watch that number as time progresses to see if it is completely tied to the recession or an overall impression of Obama's performance. Ohio is probably the most important state to win in a Presidential election in the current political landscape. Obama's latest job approval rating in Missouri is 51%.

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