Friday, July 17

A Free Gun With Every Truck

The Associated Press has a story this morning that should disturb everyone.

Butler, Missouri car company Max Motors has taken incentives for buying an automobile to the next level. In the month of August, if you buy a truck you will receive a voucher so that you can purchase an AK-47.

Yes, that is right. Buy a truck, get a free assault rifle! I have one word for this promotion: dumb. I could add another one, too: dangerous. Mark Muller, the owner, is just asking for trouble if you ask me. Have we really sunk to that level in our society?

The AK-47 is responsible for nearly a quarter of a million deaths each year, according to the Washington Post. Umm... Mr. Muller? Hello? Did it ever occur to you that this might be a bad idea?


JMo said...

It's actually a good deal for the consumer. What salesperson in their right mind would screw you over on a car price knowing you were going to be the proud owner of an AK-47?

Sandra said...

Yes it is very DUMB! Being in Las Vegas for the summer, so far this story has been on 3 of the 4 local channels here. And they didn't make it look pretty either. In fact they laughed at Missouri and made us look like idiots! Thank you Mr. Muller for making Missouri look like a bunch of redneck gun slingers! I can only imagine who's hands these guns will end up in, GOOD JOB!

DONNA said...

JMo you raise a good point. And yes Sandra we do look like a bunch redneck radicals thanks to this genius marketing master mind. Now all he needs is to convince the local McDonald's to hand out vouchers for a long range missile with the purchase of their new Angus burger meal!!!

Little-Acorn said...

Donna, you only look like that to ignorant hysterics who fear guns. And to them, you'd look like that even if this car dealer DIDN'T offer a free gun with each truck.

Don't blame the gun, or the dealer. Blame the ignorant hysterics.