Thursday, July 16

2012 GOP Poll Numbers

Yes, there are some geeks out there already polling on the leading candidates for the GOP Presidential nominee for 2012. And there are some geeks mentioning it on their blog. Here are the latest Gallup poll numbers when surveying Republicans:

(Margin of Error +- 5%)

1- Mitt Romney: 26%
2- Sarah Palin: 21%
3- Mike Huckabee: 19%
4- Newt Geingrich: 14%
5- Tim Pawlenty: 3%
6- Haley Barbour: 2%

One of the most interesting statistics from the entire poll actually isn't the overall Republican numbers, but who has the highest net favorability among all Americans:

1- Mike Huckabee: +19% favorability vs unfavorability
2- Mitt Romney: +8% favorability vs unfavorability
3- Sarah Palin: -2% favorability vs unfavorability

This means that Palin is more unpopular among voters than she is popular. Huckabee has a huge advantage in the popularity department, some of which I would give credit to because of his television show on Fox News.

For a full look at the poll numbers, please click here.

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