Wednesday, July 1

Mocha Jo's Set To Open Soon In Monett

Once a vacant downtown building in the city of Monett, Bob and Debbie Berger set out to change the face of the rundown storefront. Soon, it will open under the name Mocha Jo's, a coffee shop. The opening of the shop will provide the downtown area a boost it so desperately needs. In recent years, stores have been closing their doors for good or moving out along the newly developed Highway 60.

But that is not all. Above the coffee cafe will be The Den, a youth center. Details are sketchier on exactly what it will entail. It will likely not open until later this summer. Mocha Jo's, however, is planning to open in July. We'll be sure to review it for you and provide more details once it has officially opened its doors to the public.

(Photo was taken by Murray Bishoff of The Monett Times)

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