Thursday, January 8

Who's Going To Fill His Shoes

So, the news has already been hashed and rehashed today. Kit Bond is not running for reelection in 2010. The next question on everyone's mind is this: who's going to fill his shoes?

Several names have been bantered about already. On the Democratic side, the only name that seems to be surfacing is Secretary of State Robin Carnahan. While other names have been whispered about in the past, including State Auditor Susan Montee, Carnahan appears to be the only serious contender on the Democratic side.

The situation isn't as clear on the Republican side. Three names have already been mentioned as seriously considering a run. Those are Jim Talent, Sarah Steelman, and Roy Blunt. Beyond those three, other names have been publicized in the media. They include Kenny Hulshof, Gov. Matt Blunt, and JoAnn Emerson.

The only definite no I see on any of these lists is Matt Blunt. He is very unpopular and many believe we will learn more about his email scandal once he leaves office. This pretty much would eliminate him from running. The rest of the pack is not so cut and dried.

If I were betting, I would say that the inside track goes to Talent or Steelman for the Republican nomination. But I am not a betting man. It will be interesting to see where the chips fall as the weeks and months progress. Only one thing is for sure, if the Republicans want to keep this seat their nominee has to not be as bruised or as beaten up in the primary as Hulshof was in the race for governor.

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