Sunday, January 18

Dumb Move #2,976,645,997

I don't normally tell on people, but since Donna blogged about me last week, I only feel that it is fair to return the favor.

Yesterday, my blogging compadre decided to stub her pinky toe on her bed (or as she describes it "trying to move the bed with one toe"). Now it is likely broken. 24 hours after the incident she is hobbling around like a granny and is moving slower than her daughter who is in her final days of pregnancy.

Oh how quickly things can change... we're hoping for a quick and speedy recovery for you! ;-)

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DONNA said...

Yes, my daughter and I were a strange sight Saturday as we made our way through Wal-mart with her waddling and me in my houseshoes dragging one foot behind me. Both of us trying desperately to hurry and pick up the rest of the supplies for her afternoon baby shower.