Monday, January 5

KOLR 10 Weather Gets Interactive

If you are a fan of Ted Keller, Tom Trtan, and Jill Gilardi then you will like the fact that they have set up a weather forum on their homepage to discuss the weather happenings. The forums haven't been up and running very long so it may take a while for the activity to pick up, but it is definitely a good idea/concept.

One of the most difficult things about the message board is the fact that it is hidden within the site. You can check out the site by clicking here.

1 comment:

Zen Ken said...

Why don't you just schedule a 30 minute "Ted Show" everyday. That way Ted Keller can ramble on and on, repeating the same information ad nauseam, about storm minutia. You could even sell advertising, but not too much as would interfer with more "Ted" time. Perhaps then the viewing audience could actually enjoy the programs they've tuned in to watch.