Thursday, January 22

Since Kennedy Is Out, Is Cuomo In?

CNN is reporting this evening that New York Governor David Patterson will announce his selection for Hillary Clinton's Senate seat replacement tomorrow. This comes just about a day after Caroline Kennedy announced that she was withdrawing her name from consideration for the seat. Many political insiders believe that Kennedy removed herself after she was informed that she would not be selected.

That leaves open the question... who will fill the Senate seat?? Reuters is reporting tonight that the seat has basically boiled down to 2 people: Attorney General Andrew Cuomo and Representative Kirsten Gillibrand. Neither one of these selections would be as much of a lightning rod as would have the selection of Ms. Kennedy.

There are other rumors and speculation as to why Kennedy withdrew her name from consideration, but I am not going to speculate about that for now. We must now wait and see who the new Senator will be.

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