Tuesday, January 6


And the question I asked myself this evening is simply "how"? The reason for this question stems around a story coming out of El Dorado, Kansas, where a boy has been reported missing. The kicker...he went missing in 1999 at the age of 11 yet was just recently reported to authorities.

Yes, his adoptive parents said that he ran away. So, rather than do all that is humanly possible to find out if he was, I don't know, safe maybe,they decide he has ran away. Nothing we can do. No need to bother the police. He'll be back I am sure, say around 2008,2009.

So again I ask, how? How could two grown people just simply decide he has ran away and that's that or better yet, do they really expect the police or the rest of us to say, ok, sorry we bothered you?

The police have been conducting an investigation on a piece of property where their mobile home once sat and calling the adoptive parents "persons of interest." That is not the word that comes to my mind, but, ok, we'll use legal terms for now.

The story did not specify who reported the now 19 year old missing, but chances are good that it wasn't the adoptive parents. Chances are even better that no matter where he is at today, he's in a much better place!

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