Monday, January 12

Brandon Beck Returns "Home" To KY3

Brandon Beck returned to his familiar spot on Ozarks Today this morning looking thin, but with as much good humor as ever. You can definitely tell he has lost weight, but the good news is that his recovery went very well.

Beck took the time to thank viewers and his family in a letter posted on KY3's website. You can check out the letter by clicking here.

While I am glad that Brandon is better from a health standpoint, KY3 is healthier with Brandon's arrival back to the morning program. I am sure that many viewers would agree that an Ozarks Today without Brandon Beck really isn't the same Ozarks Today that everyone has become accustomed to.


Anonymous said...

Since KY3 promoted the fact that Brandon was returning on Monday, I wonder what Monday's ratings in that time period looked like im comparason to other weeks
Glad he is back ! !

joyce.topolski said...

Iam so glad to see Brandon back on ky3. His testimony about God's goodness and how He has touched his life was a blessing to me. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to leave a message.