Saturday, January 24

Uh Oh!

Move over Janet Jackson! There is a new queen of wardrobe malfunctions in town. Russian figure skater Ekaterina Rubleva was in the middle of her routine with her partner and things seemed to be going great. They were... until her partner, Ivan Shefer, began to twirl her. That is when her top began to slide down, exposing more of Ms. Rubleva than anyone attending the European Championships expected to see. The two finished the routine seemingly unphased, but began to show emotion after leaving the ice.

The saddest part of the story? The pair finished in 12th place. Apparently, even flashing the judges with her breasts wasn't enough to place them in the top 3. Said one judge about the performance, "I was very underwhelmed." Inquiring minds want to know... to which part of the performance was he referring?

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