Tuesday, January 27

So What Does A Board Of Governors Do Anyway?

The Turner Report has an interesting discovery from the Joplin Globe. The MSSU Board of Governors apparently did not approve the decisions on the Child Development Center or the soccer program. They aren't involved in the decisions on what to keep and what to cut, at least according to chairman Dwight Douglas.

My question is this: What does a board of governors do then? Maybe someone can fill me in. The MSSU website gives the qualifications for its members, but fails to mention what they do. So that leads me to the dictionary. Here is what the dictionary defines a governor as : "a person charged with the direction or control of an institution." Hmmm... doesn't seem to me like the MSSU Board of Governors fits that definition.

So, the Board doesn't have any control on the direction of the Univesity? That is what it sounds like to me. Either that or they just aren't wanting to be associated with the decisions being made by Dr. Speck. Of course, could you blame them?

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