Sunday, January 4

The Measure of Wealth

In reading some of the comments on Ky3 by viewers regarding the  new laws here in Missouri, most of the comments seem to center around how hard it was to make ends meet.  One person leaving a comment told readers how he owned three cars had a great job, lots of money and then went on to call them all losers.

While I  certainly don't agree with leaving such a comment about how well off one may be or putting one down because they are not, I also don't agree with expecting the government to fix our financial hardships anymore than they should be fixing the car industries hardships. But, my point is this... long way around to get to my point.

No amount of money can buy the most precious things that we have, as John Travolta and his wife Kelly so tragically found out this week. They lost their 16-year old son Jett, who died when he suffered a  seizure and hit his head. This family had plenty of material things and money to do whatever they wanted, yet it could do nothing to help save their son.

So, the next time you brag about all you have or complain about all you feel you should have but don't, remember where your real wealth lies. As for me, I would rather eat a peanut butter sandwich in the dark surrounded by my family than to eat a lobster dinner with money to burn and alone.

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