Thursday, January 22

The Chart: Boys Soccer And Child Care Center Gone From MSSU

Breaking News: Wow... I can't believe the university I attended for some of my college education is being forced to make these drastic cuts. The Chart newspaper is reporting tonight that the men's soccer program plus the Child Care Center on the campus of MSSU will be no more next year. The article, which can be found here, additionally details some of the faculty pay issues that will be going into effect.

I don't know if I should wonder this out loud or not, but is this the beginning of the end of MSSU? I am not specifically just referring to these cuts, but if you have been following the cuts at the campus it is difficult to comprehend how long these types of decisions can continue to come down from the top.

Here's a novel idea Dr. Speck... why don't you take a pay cut? Oh wait, that's right. You would rather pass along the incovenience to the single mothers who needed the child development center so they could continue their education. Well, here is an idea: maybe those mothers should look elsewhere to a college or university that cares about their well being. I realize times are hard and the decisions made in this financial environment are never easy, but I haven't seen one indication that you are willing to make sacrifices to your cozy lifestyle but you would rather pass the burden along to your faculty, staff, and students.

Maybe I missed something... and if so, someone please point me to the proof. Until then I am sticking by my thoughts. I once thought so much of MSSU... what a wonderful campus with excellent resources and an ambitious mission. I can't say I think so highly of what it is quickly becoming under the current leadership.


Aaron said...

That's why our economy is where it stands. There are too many people at the top (of any organization) who are too greedy to look out for the best interest of the whole because it affects their own lifestyle and well being.

Some of that corrupt elitist thinking is why I sometimes want to stand up to be some kind of a leader (other than being a teacher); I've even thought of administration, but I'm not sure I'm truly cut out for that.

Let's kick all these long-timers who feel that they're owed an outrageously high salary out and bring in some humble, hard-working people who can lead people and respectfully earn a decent living (my definition of decent is $60,000-80,000 a year — give or take a little).

gcmissouri said...

As a fellow Missouri Southern graduate, I hate to see these cuts too. I hate to see soccer cut for the guys on the team, but at least there's an "academics before athletics" mind set.

Cutting the child care center isn't a very good idea, but at the same time students that are parents aren't really "entitled" to free child care in my opinion. But, I would hate to see a student's effort to provide themselves with an education be put in jeopardy if they have no other place to turn to for care for their child.

I don't think something like this kills Southern, but it keeps it from expanding beyond servicing the Joplin area and keeps it as nothing more than a commuter school. (Despite the "International Mission"). I was one of the few exceptions to that rule when I was there in the 90s (graduated from Bolivar), but that's about as far as they'll be able to reach out to prospective students now.

DONNA said...

Frankly the seriousness of this is not being recognized within the community. Teachers salaries have been cut and are now being paid by how many students they have in their classroom. While this will effect the whole teaching staff, those teaching upper level classes will take the biggest hit.The study abroad program has been effected and the list goes on. Yet the only area that has not been effected is the salary of the president and his housing allowance. Every student, faculty member and the staff have felt the impact of these cuts.Cut backs have come from all directions except one. The message that sends is he would rather see the doors close than give up any of his income or perks. This captain is not about to go down with his ship!

Anonymous said...

The MSSU Child Development Center does not provide free day care. Parents pay for the service as they would at any other facility. The adavantage is having their children close to their school or place of employment and in a facility that is licensed and accreditated. At one time, it was the envy of the community.