Monday, March 30

Text Message Threat Keeps Some Joplin Students Home

A text message was sent around Joplin over the weekend claiming that there would be a school shooting at Joplin High School on Monday. This message turned out to be a hoax but the ramifications of the message were quite extensive.

According to an article in The Joplin Globe, the police went to the homes of all students matching the first name that was being sent in the text messages. Nothing turned out to be valid.

This message likely sent shockwaves through several freshmen students who attended Memorial Middle School last year. You may recall the student who was involved in the shooting incident last year.

One commenter on the Joplin Globe website commented “There are over 200 children not at school today because of the threat.” There is no word this evening as to the origin of the message.

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Aaron said...

These kids who are doing stupid stuff like that don't know what the ramifications are if they're caught. That's some major trouble for a stupid prank. Why don't kids look at the big picture?

I think the more I teach, the more diminishing my patience becomes for the same stupidity I see year after year. Do you find that to be true, Newsy?