Wednesday, March 25

A Little Perspective

Today was a horrible day for me. Everything had been going wrong. I left my lunch at home, the kids were wound up, and I didn't feel the best in the world. Poor little old me, right? After I left the classroom I stopped by the Supercenter to pick up a couple of things I needed for the house, wallowing in my own self-pity.

As I was walking out the doors, a lady (probably about 50 or so) rushes by me in a hurry to get who knows where. As I walked out to my car I started to open the rear door of my Escape, but decided in a hasty decision that it would be easier to just grab my stuff from the back seat. It is a good thing I did.

As I put the last sack into the car, it knocked a book into the floorboard. Moaning, I bent down to pick it up. That is precisely when I heard the loudest thud followed by my car being pushed violently forward. The impact was strong enough to knock me off of my feet and throw me into the back of the front seat. As soon as I realized what had happened, I jumped up to see a Bronco pulling in a couple of spots down. My car was now in the next parking spot over.

A lady, the same one who had rushed by me on the way out of Walmart, jumped out and immediately began apologizing asking me if I was all right. I muttered something about how I was, but that how my car probably wasn't. I headed around back, anticipating a crumpled rear end.

You can imagine my surprise when I searched and searched and didn't even find a scratch. Had it not been for the car being at an angle in the lot and a dent in her bumper, you couldn't have even noticed something had just happened.

So now as I sit here getting ready for bed, my head throbbing (likely as a result of being thrown into the back of the seat in front of me), I realize that my day hadn't been so bad after all. And I thank God for providing me with a little perspective in that parking lot this afternoon. I definitely needed it.

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