Saturday, March 28

History In The Making

Today will be the deciding factor for the Missouri Tigers as they take on UConn. If they can make it through,it will be the first time in school history they have ever played in the final 4. Missouri defeated Memphis Thursday night, 102- 91, in what I believe to be the best basketball game I have seen all year. (If you missed the action right before half-time, you truly missed a great moment in basketball).

While my Jayhawks are now at home, there are still two teams from the big twelve hanging tuff. With Missouri and Oklahoma still in the running there is still plenty to cheer about.

Missouri coach Mike Anderson has faced a great deal of opposition since becoming the coach at Mizzou.  In my opinion he has done a tremendous job and deserves a lot of credit.

It should be a great game and the one thing that is for certain, UConn better have their running shoes on!!

Good Luck Mizzou!!!

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Newsy said...

This game has me on the edge of my seat. I hope Mizzou can pull it off. And thanks to Donna for the gracious post about Mizzou. It almost makes me not want to want to rub in KU's heartwrenching loss in your face. :-)