Tuesday, March 17

Is Anyone Going To Fly Out of Branson?

Maybe I just don't get it, but I find it very hard to believe that Branson is going to rake in enough people to their airport to get it off the ground. News came today of another direct flight, this time to Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW). This makes the fourth destination (Dallas, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Milwaukee) available via the new hub.

I guess I can see the draw for people who are planning to vacation in Branson to fly into that town, but are many people going to use Branson as their airport to fly out of? I guess people who need to travel from the Branson/Harrison area might, but that doesn't seem like a very big number.

With airports in Fayetteville, Joplin, Springfield, Tulsa, and Little Rock, I just don't see the need. Plus, who is going to fly into Branson during the winter? Can the airlines rake in enough dough during the summer months to make up for the cold weather and no tourism lull?

I really do hope that the airport suceeds. I don't want it to fail. I just hope someone knows something that I don't and makes sure it isn't just another ugly eyesore in the Branson area after the novelty wears off.

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