Saturday, December 20

Wow. People Are Weird!

Maybe I knew it all along and just decided to deny it. Or maybe I truly thought most people were normal. Either way, I have decided that the vast majority of people trudging through cyberspace have to be half crazy. My reasoning? Look no further than KSPR's Top 10 Most Viewed Stories Online. (You can check out the full list by clicking here.)

Among the journalistic heavy hitters that the KSPR news team has covered in 2008, stories such as a Woman Finding Jesus in a Cheeto Bag along with a Pregnant Woman Being Charged With Prostitution make the station's top ten. No Blunt, Hulshof, Steelman, McCaskill, Palin, etc to be found anywhere... who would have guessed?


Anonymous said...

Big deal. So a woman found Jesus in a Cheetos Bag. I found love on a two way street and lost it on a crowded avenue.

(word verification word: slermy)

Newsy said...

Amen... unfortunately, your story didn't crack the top 10. I imagine it was #11 or 12. Better luck next year... in getting on the top 10 and in love. :-)