Monday, December 29

The Best of the Best...

I had not found time to update the blogroll in a while, but this morning I found a bit. As a result, you will now notice an updated list of blogs that I like to call "The Best of the Best". These aren't the only blogs I visit, but rather a good comprehensive listing of the best blogs from SW Missouri and others I frequent.

Newcomers to the list include:

Aaron's Articles - A good local blog from Aaron McGrath. Check out his perspective of things happening in the Ozarks and around the world.

Busplunge - A blog that offers a plethora of topics to think about and chew upon. This blog is never boring!

Desdinova - Super Villain of the Ozarks - This blog has some of the best satire I have read in ages! Also, there is a lot of good radio stuff to be found here.

Inside Missouri Politics - This is the blog from the Springfield News-Leader, which does a good job of covering politics that affect the Ozarks.

The Political Fix - Love 'em or hate 'em... the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has one of the most comprehensive political blogs out there.

The World According To Chris Brewer - This a blog I have discovered fairly recently, but it is fast becoming a must-see for me!

OzarksWeatherFans - A Ning site where fans of weather come together.

Enjoy these blogs and don't forget about the old favorites. I will update this list as I have time to evaluate more blogs. If you would like your blog considered for the list, please email me: . Thanks... and enjoy!


Aaron said...

Thanks for the mention. Your check's in the mail. ;)

Newsy said...

I prefer cash, but I will take whatever I can get.

Busplunge said...

Thanks for riding the bus.