Wednesday, December 31

Freefall Express in Freefall

After the deaths of three people in 2008, it appear that 2009 won't be a banner year for the Mt. Vernon based Freefall Express. The FAA is planning to take away the certification of four skydive employees. Among those cited whose certifications are to be revoked include the owner, Bryan Wolford, and the pilot of the plane which crashed earlier this year, Jason Rog. You can read more about the situation by heading to the Springfield News-Leader website.

I believe that this is an appropriate action that has been taken by the FAA. One mistake in a year can be blamed on an accident, but two starts heading into a much grayer territory. Just one more reason to not include skydiving in my list of things to do in 2009.


Anonymous said...

Do not state opinions on matters you do not have any indepth knowledge of, and if you do make sure you state that it is your opinion. Freefall is very concerned about safety. The FAA's conclusions are its opinions and may not be all factual when not all sides have been determined or explored. No one knows what really happened, there could have been turbulance, windsheer (sudden change in airspeed and/or direction), or even water in the fuel line, etc, that may have led to the accident.
Do not always take someones word for it. Even the FAA makes mistakes.

DONNA said...

The FAA made a decision in which they released to the public. The public relies on the FAA to have the "in-depth" knowledge. Whether one agrees or disagrees with this particular situation does not change the "facts" of the story and those facts are that 3 people lost their lives no matter what happened. As for making sure that one knows you have included your opinion...the name of the blog is Show-Me Opinions.

Anonymous said...

Donna. Obviously by the statement of the anonymous detractor this story received, (ie "Freefall is very concerned about safety") your party of disagreement is coming from someone with intimate knowledge of Freefall Express and the tone of their complaint against the opinion expressed is most likely from someone affiliated with same. Your opinion is more in line with the findings of the FAA investigation and your detractor should spend a lot less time answering critics for things that "have" happened, and spend more time making sure they don't happen again!