Sunday, December 28

Was It A Tornado?

Yesterday morning, an increasingly familiar sound was heard in McDonald, Newton, and Northern Barry counties. Tornado warnings were issued for those counties as a storm marched in from Oklahoma. When all was said and done, it appeared that the storm was all bark with little bite. That may not have been the case.

This afternoon, the National Weather Service is investigating "a possible tornado track between Pineville and Monett", according to the Joplin Globe. There had been unconfirmed reports yesterday of a rotating wall cloud between Wheaton and Pulaskifield, but the report I heard on scanner traffic never made it to the NWS Storm Reports section. While it is likely that the tornado (if there was one) was only on the ground for a short time here and there, it does mean that there was one.

Show-Me Opinions will keep you updated on the findings of the Weather Service.

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JMo said...

It'll be interesting to see if it was ruled a tornado. Yes, that magic tornado producing corridor in SW MO. I geared up and was ready to intercept it, but it died down before it got to the Nixa area.