Thursday, October 2

Palin/Biden Debate Live Blog

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Newsy said...

If people expected Sarah Palin to falter, it hasn't happened yet.

Newsy said...

Well, this debate has overall been much more substantive in my opinion than the Presidential debate. Both have been impressive.

Newsy said...

At the end of the debate, I have to say that once again it was a draw. Biden came across as very sincere and relatable at times -- but then would go into his "Senate speak" and would go totally above the heads of most Americans.

Palin was at her best when she was speaking to the average American on their level, but sidestepped too many issues and brought them back to energy even when it didn't fit.

I like both of them personally and was impressed. I think it was much more substantive than the Presidential debate. Your thoughts?

DONNA said...

Biden, in my opinion is a much better speaker than Obama. As for the debate Palin held her own. I found it far more interesting than the presidental debate.