Saturday, October 25

KSPR Met Leaving

I held off on posting on this story for a few days out of respect for Josh. I wanted to let him break the news to the Ozarks. After serving this area so well for the past year, KSPR Meteorologist Josh DeBerge is leaving to take a job with FEMA in Kansas City. According to Josh he will "manage theExternal Affairs Cadre of On-Call Response Employees (CORE) who report to disaster sites across the country, and will be reponsible for maintaining relationships with media in a four state region, in addition to a numberof other tasks. I'll also be continuously on-call and will report todisaster sites in our region and across the country."

Josh, along with Kevin and Natalie, have been essential to the early successes of KSPR since their rebranding in 2008. I want to personally thank Josh for his work and his friendship. I wish him the best of luck in Kansas City.

Despite my desperate pleadings, Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lighty has refused to hire me to fill Josh's position. Maybe it is time to pull out the blackmail images from a few posts ago.

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