Monday, October 20

Our Debate Tournament Results

I had a couple of people who wanted to know how our speech season was going so far. Here is a sample of how we did over the weekend. It was another successful weekend for the MHS Speech and Debate Squad at the Parkway West / Ritenour Tournament.

Advancing to finals and placing in individual events were: Gaby Rodriguez - 5th Interpretation, Nik Pate - 5th Radio Speaking and 5th Original Oratory, Kale Turner - 5th Novice Storytelling, Brit Isbell - 4th Original Oratory, Ryan Saunders - 3rd Novice Storytelling, Laramie Ellis - 3rd Novice Prose, Theresa Mangler and Chelsea Ash - 3rd Duo, Rolando Rodriguez - 3rd Interpretation, Rolando Rodriguez and Kacy Barta - 2nd Duo, and Emma Verstraete - 2nd Novice Intepretation and 2nd Novice Prose.

Advancing to quarterfinals and placing in debate were: Ryan Saunders and Emily Copening - 4th Novice Public Forum, Rolando Rodriguez and Hayley LaGarce - 4th Varsity Public Forum, Emma Verstraete - 4th Novice Lincoln-Douglas, Brit Isbell - 4th Varsity Lincoln-Douglas, Kale Turner and Brianna Petersen - 2nd Novice Public Forum, and Kirk Gandy - 2nd Varsity Lincoln Douglas.

The squad finished 4th out of 18 schools in debate sweepstakes and finished 2nd out of 16 schools in individual events sweepstakes. Congratulations!

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