Wednesday, October 8

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This (But That Doesn't Make Them Any Less Stressful)

Allow me for a brief moment to climb upon my soapbox and proclaim from the rooftops that teachers don't get paid nearly enough. I won't stay there long though. Likely because I am going to get knocked down by some unruly student who will tell me that my class is "dumb" or "boring" or "insert annoying insult here."

Should I take personal offense when a student makes those remarks? Probably not. I do anyway, however. I don't hear these remarks often as a teacher. Generally, I hear complimentary things about how I make history and government "interesting", "fun", or my personal favorite "not nearly as boring as I expected." Today, however, was not one of those days.

There were various moments today when I wanted to just yell "Do you know how long it took me to plan this? Do you know that I have little social life because I am required to spend nearly all of time working on things for you all? Do you know that I sleep around 4-6 hours a night because I work long into the night grading and planning and then get up early to make copies of handouts and to complete administrative paperwork? Do you know that while most adults are resting I spend my weekends with high school students? Do you know that I always advocate for you with the administration?", but I didn't. I promptly replied to the student that not everything in life would be fun, but that sometimes we have to complete tasks that we don't enjoy so that we learn the proper material.

I pour my heart and my soul into this profession and I am finding those heartwarming moments you have as a teacher are hard to remember when you have days like I had today. I guess my frustration is with the fact that sometimes I feel like no one notices the hard work I do. I don't want awards. I don't expect keys to the city. I just want a simple "thank you for what you do." I don't think educators in general hear that often enough. And people wonder why teachers leave the profession so regularly!!

Mama was right... there will be days like this. Yet, it doesn't ever make them easier.


Aaron said...

As a fellow educator, I feel your pain. There's plenty of poppycock in education (such as writing and re-writing curriculum the new and more up-to-date way), and I don't get too many thank yous. One thing that always helps me, though, is hearing from former students. Many times I have to remind myself that I make an impact more than I realize -- and it's those former students who remind me of that.

Well, I'm off to take my topless Mercedes for a spin. (Kidding. But maybe we can get someone to pay us more in future years, eh?)

DocLarry said...

Newsy, Aaron... Thank you for what you do.

Newsy said...

Thanks Aaron... and thank you Doclarry.