Saturday, October 11

Just Checking In

It has been crazy around the Show-Me Opinion world these past two weeks in which there has been little time to devote to blogging.  Newsy is off doing what he does best, and that is coaching his speech and debate team at an area tournament. I have just started back to work full-time as a project manager for a spice company.It has been two years since I have worked full-time, plus go to school. It will be a challenge but I feel very fortunate to have found employment with all the economic uncertainty.

My husband just left to play at a men's softball tournament (40 is the new 20 you know) so I decided to post something before going to the store after Icy Hot and Tylenol.

Well it's off to type up and print the church bulletins for tomorrow.  Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. Until next time... Have a great weekend!

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