Monday, April 14

Table Rock Flooding Update

The last time the water at Table Rock Dam had been this high was in 1961.

The top of the flood pool for Table Rock is 931 which means this is as much as the lake can hold. Saturday the lake was to reach 933. While the flood gates are suppose to close today, the danger of more flooding is still very much a reality. Until the area lake levels go down considerably any additional rainfall could mean trouble.

We decided to visit some of the area campgrounds this afternoon and many places had "DO NOT ENTER" signs posted.

Photos taken by Kayla Castor

Eagle Rock campground

The Park attendants allowed us to drive through the Big M campground and look around. Below is what we found.

This is the walkway to the Big M Marina

This is the road leading to the Big M marina. As you can see there is no road.

One of the camp-sites at Big M campground

With most of the area campgrounds scheduled to open in just a couple of weeks, it may be a close call for some of them to make that deadline. Check back often for more updates!

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