Thursday, April 24

Polk County Now Operating New Video Arraignment System

Prisoners awaiting arraignment in the Polk County Jail will no longer have to be transported to the courthouse thanks to a new video arraignment system. Video cameras and monitors have been installed in the third floor courtrooms along with the juvenile courtroom, jail, the sheriff's office and two conference rooms. This will allow prisoners to appear before the judge without ever leaving the jail.

A federal grant in the amount of $197.46 was obtained by Rep. Roy Blunt. The video system was purchased for $78,000, with the left over amount to be used for future maintenance of the system. The system works through the intranet and can also be used for remote training sessions. The system has been in use for approximately two months. Aside from court personnel working through some procedural issues the added security to the public will be a great asset to the community.

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