Friday, April 4

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

There are approximately 3 million cases of child abuse reported in the United States each year.

A new study conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention shows that 1 in every 43 babies born in the United States are physically abused and neglected. In 2006 there were 499 babies that died due to maltreatment. Most are victims of abuse and neglect before they are a week old.

Maltreatment of children is the third leading cause of death in this country.

The sad part is so very many cases never get reported and many of those that do often result in not enough evidence .

It takes all of us to ensure the safety and well-being of children. They are the most vulnerable and least protected within our society.

While learning disabilities can result from problems during birth, over 1/2 of all learning disabilities occur because of neglect during the early stages of development.
If Abuse is Suspected

It's never a child's fault when abuse happens!

Believe what the child is telling you. It is important for them to know you believe them and they have done the right thing by telling someone.

Sometimes bad things happen even when we have done our best. Do not ignore it and think it will go away or maybe it didn't really happen. Report it immediately and make sure to seek medical assistance.


Know what activities your child is involved in.

Pay attention to those that spend a great deal of time with your child. Ask your child what kind of things they do or what kind of games they play. Also ask your child if there are other people there and who they are.

Teach your child about inappropriate touching and make sure they understand they need to tell you if it happens. Also make sure they understand they are not going to be in trouble for telling.

Teach your child that bad people want them to keep secrets.

Children need to understand that their body belongs to them and not anyone else.


Learn all you can about child abuse and the warning signs (links provided on the right).

If you suspect someone is abusing their child. Report it.

A child's life may depend on it!

Missouri: 1-800-392-3738

Outside Missouri: 1-800-669-8689

Dedicated to 9 year old
Rowan Ford

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