Friday, April 11

Brandon Beck

Ky3 Meteorologist

Southwest Missouri has faced every kind of weather one could imagine since the beginning of 2008. We are very fortunate to have so many great meteorologist watching out for us when threatening weather approaches the Ozarks.

Brandon Beck is in my opinion one that deserves recognition for his commitment to helping keep communities throughout the viewing area informed. His coverage of area weather begins each morning from 5-7 and again at noon.

Brandon earned his degree in broadcasting from Evangel College. He also obtained a certificate in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State. He began his career at Ky3 in 1996 as the weekend weathercaster. Since then, he along with Ron Hearst and Dave Snider have become a team the viewers have come to depend on. They have spent endless hours the past few months tracking storms, analyzing data, gathering information vital to their viewers safety.

He was chosen by 417 magazine -people as the 2008 Best TV Meteorologist. Brandon was also awarded "Best Weathercast" in 1998 by the Missouri Broadcasters Association.

Brandon brings more than just a forecast to his viewers each day. He brings his experience, genuine concern for the well being of others and a magnetic sense of humor that is uplifting no matter how depressing the weather may be.

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