Wednesday, April 23

Alert: Stimulus Check Scam

While the IRS prepares to start sending out rebate checks in May, phishers are busy sending out fraudulent emails to tax-payers explaining how they can get their rebate now. Tax-payers are also given a deadline to respond to the offer. The phishers use bogus email addresses that mimics the "" address and have gone as far as to lift the graphics and logos so that the web-site looks like the IRS web-site.

The email recipient is then instructed to go to the linked site and fill in the information such as bank account and routing numbers and the check will be deposited directly into their account. The IRS requests that these emails be sent to them at Information concerning this scam can be found on the website.

The IRS states that they do not contact tax-payers through email for any kind of personal information.

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