Saturday, June 27

Turnpike Victims Identified

KJRH has the report identifying the victims of the Will Rogers Turnpike Accident yesterday.

"OHP Lt. George Brown said traffic was stopped because of an earlier crash when the big rig slammed into at least three cars, which then crashed into more vehicles.

The truck driver, 76-year-old Donald Creed of Willard, Missouri, was taken to the hospital in good condition.

OHP said the following individuals died in Friday's accident:
39-year-old Ricardo Reyes of Phoenix, AZ
Ernestina Reyes of Phoenix, AZ
38-year-old Randall Hayes of Frisco, TX
7-year-old Ethen Hayes of Frisco, TX
55-year-old Cynthia Olson of Crossroads, TX
69-year-old Oral Hooks of Oklahoma City
63-year-old Earlene Hooks of Oklahoma City
42-year-old Antonio Hooks of Oklahoma City
41-year-old Dione Hooks of Oklahoma City"

For complete details, please click this link.

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harrisonlatour said...


I am the owner and creator of LaTour Genealogical Collection, a paid genealogical and historical internet web company. I also work for an Oklahoma City grocery company.

I just found out today, July 1, 2009, that I knew one of the victims, for me this is so sad and heart breaking. Oral Hooks, 69 was a friend of mine and a good, outstanding, Godly man. Oral Hooks did his grocery shoping with the company that I work for. I just can't believe that his life was ended by a Associated Wholesale Grocery truck that supplies my grocery chain, plus hundreds of others.

The last time that I seen Mr. Hooks was on Wednesday, he was shopping for groceries. I happened to walk by him. I would always talk with him. I asked how he was doing, he said like always, "find, outstanding, and wonderful. He would always say these words. He asked me to find for him a graham craker pie crust because his wife was getting reading to bake a pie.

I never did get to meet his wife or son's, but I'm sure they were as wonderful as he was.

Mr. Hooks, you will be missed by me and others.

Harrison Thomas LaTour
LaTour Genealogical Collection