Sunday, June 28

Fan Falls From Balcony At Busch Stadium

Blame it on the heat. Maybe there was alcohol involved, too. Either way, 34 year old Chris Hoffman of O'Fallon, Illinois is likely extremely sore this morning after falling from the upper deck of the Cardinal's Busch Stadium on Friday.

According to Fox 2, witnesses reported that the man fainted before he fell headfirst into the next level. It is amazing that he wasn't hurt any more than he was. The manager of the ballpark says that the individual "was being treated for an injury to his left shoulder, a gash to his face and assorted bumps and bruises."

I would say that Hoffman is extremely lucky. He may not have walked out of the ballpark with an Albert Pujols home run ball, but he did leave the ballpark with a story hopefully no one else will match any time soon.

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