Monday, June 29

Turner Report Takes Joplin Globe To Task

It is obvious that the media is on Michael Jackson overkill. Local media outlets have handled the coverage fairly well for the most part. The one exception appears to be The Joplin Globe and Randy Turner of the Turner Report takes the paper to task:

"And then there's the Joplin Globe. As I noted in an earlier post, the Globe devoted the entire top of page one to Michael Jackson's death. Joe Hadsall's budget cut story did not even make it to page one, a ppor decision by Globe editors It appears everything was in the packaging and not the content. The Globe had a nice, pretty looking, but ultimately boring package on whether the sales of firecrackers would be affected by the economy. Of course, it had some of the items that Globe editors love, useless man-on-the-street comments and a nice-looking photo. All Hadsall had was a cut of a $25 million forgivable loan to Eagle Picher that could mean actual jobs for the Joplin area."

I think Mr. Turner has a valid point. While I wouldn't "flunk" the Globe, I would give them a D-. You can read his full article here and decide for yourself.

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