Wednesday, June 24

Oh Puleeze...

Another day, another tear filled press conference from a politician telling the world he truly did have an affair. Am I the only one sick of these things? This is one thing I would hope people from all sides of the aisle could agree on: this has got to stop!

Day after day politicians stand up and tell the cameras that they are best person for the job and that they have all the answers in the issues that face this great nation, yet they can't remain faithful to their spouses? If they can't resist temptation concerning the sacred vows they made on their wedding day, how in the world are we supposed to take them seriously and believe that they will stand fast for the other principles that they "stand for."

It is a major issue on both sides of the aisle. Mark Sanford is just one example in the news today. There have been plenty others... John Edwards, John Ensign, Jim McGreevy, Bill Clinton, Larry Craig... need I go on?
And for heaven's sake, stop crying at your press conferences. Stand up and be a man. Own up to what you have done and then let's move on. I would assume that the tears you are crying aren't tears of remorse, but rather tears because you were caught and your chances of reelection are near zero.

Finally, a word of advice: if you are going to have an affair, don't lie and say you are hiking in the woods while you leave your car parked at the airport while you are on a tryst in South America. The media will put the pieces together.

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