Monday, June 8

I Just Need A Bathroom!

On Saturday evening I decided to head to the local Subway for dinner. I happen to know several of the people who work there. As I pulled into the lot I realized that there was hot rod car show taking place in the parking lot just adjacent to the Subway and it was extremely packed. How cool, I thought to myself. I was glad to see the cars back in town. They had been missing since the cruise night was outlawed. (Long story... I'll save it for another time)

As I walked into Subway there were several people inside. I made a comment to one of the employees that was on duty about how busy they must be tonight. She replied something to the effect of "I haven't seen a single person from the car show come in and buy anything. They are using the tables and our restrooms though." At first I blew it off, but the longer I stood there getting my sandwich made the angrier I became.

Subway is a business and they are there to provide food while making a profit. They are not a public restroom facility. How could anyone have the nerve to just walk in and sit around at the tables and use the restroom, yet not order anything. I am sorry, but I find that very rude.

I bet many of you are thinking the same thing: have you never used the restroom of a restaurant before and not bought anything? Well, as far as I remember... no. I have always felt that if I was going to use the restroom that I should at least buy a small food item or something to drink. A private establishment isn't there for you to just loiter and use their facilities at your convenience.

So, am I in the wrong and just wound up about nothing or do you feel that these people should have been a little more thoughtful?

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