Sunday, June 28

The State of the Ozarks Blogosphere

I have been pondering on this subject for a while now. I have been debating putting up this post because I don't know if I have enough authority to make this point. Let me just lay out it out right up front: I am concerned about the Ozarks blogosphere. Before you go calling me names like Al Gore or something, hear me out.

I began my initial blog The News2K back in August 2007 after being introduced to the blogosphere through several links. It was about this same time that Life of Jason began his second tour of duty and became a mainstay in the area. Simple Thoughts of a Complex Mind really had me thinking about things. The Turner Report was a daily stop for me. And finally, Chatter was chatting away. These four blogs, in my mind, were driving the area's blogosphere. I doubt I was the only one inspired by these writers. They made me believe that even my opinions were valuable. Thus, I decided to join forces with Donna (who has since gone invisible for multiple reasons that I will let her explain to you at some point) and away this blog has blossomed.

Fast forward to today... Life of Jason is gone, Chatter is averaging a post every three and a half weeks, and Simple Thoughts has only posted three times since early May. Only The Turner Report is still firing away.

Now, I realize that things change and that life is busy. I am not criticizing the lack of blog posts by some of these individuals. I do, however, feel some pangs of concern. Am I overreacting? I went down the list of blogs on Chatter's blogroll this afternoon. Numerous blogs listed haven't posted in months and a couple have even been deleted altogether. That isn't a good sign.

What are your thoughts about the future of the area blogosphere? Have some good local blogs I am not aware to cheer my spirits? I sure hope so! Sound off... I need some reassurance.


Ole said...

It's like any other hobby or outside interest - most folks don't stick with it, look at the high drop out rates with twitter. I've been hacking away since April 2005 and every year there's a new batch that shows up and then subsequently leaves.

Jackie Melton said...

This isn't intended at all to take away from Jason Wert's work at Life of Jason, however, I have been blogging about the City of Springfield and City Council since before "Life of Jason" existed and continue to blog about the City and City Council since he has ceased writing at his blog.

Just wanted to let you know, since you appear to be unfamiliar with my blog. Check it out. Now, if you don't like my blog, that's your business. :)

Jackie Melton, JackeHammer

News2K said...

I wasn't aware of your blog. The name is familiar, but for some reason I have overlooked it. I will add you to the blogroll and look forward to reading your posts!

Jackie Melton said...


I hope you like it.

Kathee Baird said...

Hi Newsy,

I have been blogging about crime since last August.

I think that weather (which you know a lot about,) plays a big part in people blogging. We will probably see an increase in posts in the fall and winter as outdoor activities slow down.

News2K said...

Added you to the Blog Roll Kathee.

Busplunge said...

It's been too hot to blog, besides, I've been busy.

acline said...

The Springfield/Ozarks blogosphere as never been more dynamic than it is today, IMO. I've been on top of this scene since the first meeting of the Springfield Bloggers about 5 years ago. There are so many blogs -- good ones, too-- in this area now it is really difficult to keep up.

Kathee Baird said...

How do you add to the blog roll?

News2K said...

My blog roll is the list of blogs in the right hand column. Blogspot allows you to edit these as you choose to.