Saturday, April 18

Journal Broadcast Group Has Gone Too Far

In a world of radio that lacks the decency to break in for a severe weather bulletin, KTTS has always been on top of their coverage of breaking news and weather. I have always found every other station second rate when trying to do what the station does so flawlessly. Tonight, however, I am considering boycotting the station.

Why you might ask? The simple answer can be found in the lead story from their 7:00 newscast. The station reported on a tea party protest rally held at Fassnight park in Springfield today where apparently close to 1,000 people attended. Okay, that is newsworthy. What is the big deal, right? Well, the clincher came in the closing line of the story. The protest rally was sponsored by NewsTalk KSGF, a sister station to KTTS.

There has been a lot of discussion and media attention given to the Tea Parties that took place this week. I am not either for or against them. I don't necessarily agree with their ideals, but feel that they have a right to express them. In fact I am glad someone is getting off of their bum in this country to stand up for what they believe in.

My problem is the fact that a station not only condoned the event, but sponsored it! I realize that KSGF is a conservative talk radio station. I listen to it some. Yet, Journal's decision to spend money on this cause/political movement crosses a line in my opinion. I do not feel that I, as a listener, should support an organization that is in the business of advocating a certain spectrum of political beliefs. And you can't say that it only applies to KSGF. Journal Broadcast Group also owns KTTS, Power 96.5, and Z106.7, therefore, my listenership of these stations increases their ratings and henceforth increases the amount they can charge for advertising. The money they make because of me then goes to support a political movement? Sorry, doesn't fly. You see, there is no difference in what they did today and sponsoring a rally for a political candidate. Can you imagine the outrage that would occur if KTTS had sponsored a campaign rally for Sarah Palin or Barack Obama? Journal Broadcast Group doesn't get it apparently.

Oh, and before you start saying I am a liberal, I refuse to frequent a specific car wash here in town because the owners had Obama (and other Democract) signs on their car wash lot and did not allow Republicans to place signs there. Their right? Yes. Also, my right to not waste my money on a business that uses my quarters to shove a political party down my throat.

The next time my friends get in the car, they will likely ask me why my preset buttons have changed. When I finish with my explanation they will wish they had never brought up the subject. But they will definitely know how I feel when I am finished. I'll miss KTTS, but that is the sacrifice I am willing to make to prove my point. Journal Broadcast Group -- you have gone too far.

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