Saturday, April 4

Happening Now: Dangerous Structural Fire In Monett

Fire has erupted in an old tire shop on the north side of town. Fire fighters from surrounding cities have been called to the scene. Houses around the building are being watered down as high winds are making this an increasingly tense situation.

Newsy is on the scene and will be bringing updates to this dangerous situation shortly.

Update: Approximately a 6 block area has been evacuated: Sycamore on the North, Cleveland on the South, 12th street on the East, 9th street on the West.

Update 2: This is Newsy... just back from the scene. The fire is winding down, but the scope of the damage is not completely known. The smoke is so thick you can't see anywhere near the structure. Several on the scene are reporting that a house near the building is also on fire, but I can't confirm that. It seems the entire town is on the scene.

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