Saturday, April 4

I’m Scared To Death

On Monday over 120 high school students from across Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas will convene at the Holiday Inn in Joplin for the Carver-Truman District Student Congress contest. The top students at the competition will advance to the national congress contest in Birmingham, Alabama in June.

Why should that bother me? The honest answer: I am scared to death because I am in charge of the competition. The former chair of the competition is no longer on the competitive circuit and I volunteered to organize the event. That was noble of me, right?

Well, noble or not, the task of the Student Congress competition is overwhelming. I have most of the work completed and I don’t think that I am forgetting about anything, but I have this knot in the pit of my stomach. I want the competition to go off without a hitch. Combine my new status as chairperson with a new location and I am on edge.

I know that if something goes wrong we will work it out, but the fear of the unknown is what gets me. I guess the best news in all of this: it will be over 48 hours from now.


JMo said...

As you know, here's the thing about organizing and event. If things go completely wrong, people don't understand why you let it get that way. If they go completely right, they can't understand why you are stressing because it's obviously easy to do. But those who have organized big events know...right or wrong..the stress level typically is about the same either way. LOL

You will do fine! I'm sure it will be a great success.

Aaron said...

A high quality teacher like yourself will do an outstanding job at organizing an event like this.

I can understand the stress, though. Don't stay up at night thinking about it. Drink some calming (chamomile) tea or something. When I have big things coming up I have a bad tendency to lay awake at night thinking about it, but relaxing before I go to bed helps.

klacy said...

I completely understand. It took everything I had to tell Donna about the Monkey site on Friday. Some say sleeping is a side effect of caffeine deprivation. I say sleeping is a side effect of a calm happy life. I am sure that the competition went well. Best of luck to you and your students.

Newsy said...

Well, in case anyone is wondering... I survived.