Thursday, November 20

It's Going To Be A Long Season

The Lady Bears are now officially 0-2. Maybe, I am putting the cart before the horse but I have a feeling us fans are in for a long season of disappointments. I hope I am wrong because I would love nothing more than to be surprised. I just don't see that happening.

I was in Hammon Student Center when the MSU Lady Bears won the NIT Tournament Championship (in fact... I was there for all the games). I have been there for several successful seasons. In fact, since I started following the Lady Bears, I don't recall a let down of a season, that is until the last few.

I wish Milleson the best and I imagine the transition hasn't been easy. But I miss the Lady Bears of yesteryear. Someone put out an all points bulletin for them... that spark and fire is needed. Where is the next Melanie Howard, Jackie Stiles, Jenni Lingor, Kari Koch. Where are they? If they don't show up... once again... it's going to be a long season.

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