Sunday, November 9

Election Predictions Recap

Okay, so now the election is almost a week behind us. Some people are probably going into a political withdrawl (I am breathing a sigh of relief). With this in mind, I felt the need to look at my predictions and see how I did. Here we go...

President: I did surprisingly well in this category. I accurately predicted Obama would win (although my electoral math was off just a bit) and the only swing state I missed was Florida. I also nailed that McCain would win Missouri under 1%. Man, I'm good! (just kidding)

Governor: I got the individual correct, but I was low on the margin of victory. Nixon ended up winning by 18%.

Lt. Governor: Once again, I picked correctly but I missed the margin.

Secretary of State: I picked Carnahan correctly, but she won by 26%, not the 13% I expected.

Treasurer: My upset win of the night came to fruition. Clint Zweifel did win the race for Treasurer. He won by 3%.

Attorney General: This was my only missed person prediction of the night. I predicted that Gibbons would win by 2%. He actually lost by 6.

7th Congressional District: Man did I ever misread the voters of this district. I felt that all signs pointed to a "somewhat close" race between Richard Monroe and Roy Blunt. I figured that Blunt would win, but not by 41 points.

132nd MO House: I picked the winner. Don Ruzicka won, although by a little more than I thought he would.

Amendment 1: Passed like I expected it to

Amendment 4: Passed; I thought it would fail due to the confusing nature of the ballot language.

Prop A: Passed even though I still believe it is a horrible horrible thing!

Prop B: Passed like I expected

Prop C: Passed, but with a bigger margin than I anticipated.

All in all, not too bad of a prediction night for me. We shall see how I do the next time!!! :)

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