Saturday, November 29

Congrats Wildcats!

They were our biggest nemesis throughout the season, but yesterday I was pulling for them in the Class 3 State Football Championship in St. Louis. The Cassville Wildcats upended Monett's dream of a state championship on a dreary rainy cold Monday night earlier this month. After the initial shock of losing wore off, this community rallied around our Barry county neighbors and cheered them on past Logran-Rogersville and the tough as nails team from Chillicothe.

Yesterday, that cherring got louder as the Wildcats won the Class 3 State Championship by defeating Cardinal-Ritter 31-7. It was Cassville's first football championship ever. Coach Large and crew should be proud of the work they did and their season. They were dynamic!

Keep in mind this isn't coming from a normal Wildcat fan. This is coming from a conferene foe and district rival. However, for just a few hours yesterday everyone in Monett was a Wildcat fan. Congratulations! (Now be prepared to lose in basketball and wrestling!) :-) Just kidding... kind of!

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