Saturday, November 1

I'm Proud To Be A Cub Today

(Photo from the Monett Times)

Graduating from the school and then coming back to teach there was the last thing on my mind as I said goodbye on my Graduation Night in early May. Yet, six years later I found myself back at my alma mater to teach and have been loving every minute of it.

There have been some exceptional high points at the school since I started teaching there: State Champions in Wrestling, State Champion in Debate, and 2nd place National Champion in Extemperanous Speaking among other things. Yet, the end of the week has that feel in the air again because the football team has gone 10-0.

I have heard students who don't normally get excited about athletics jump on the bandwagon. Thursday I saw the most students wearing purple and gold ever (and that includes my time there as a student). I even heard one student who is normally too cool for school say late yesterday afternoon, "I'm proud to be a Cub today." While academics will always be first and foremost in my emphasis, this kind of school spirit helps that environment tremendously.

Our hometown paper did a great job summarizing the reason for the jubilation: "Not since 1971 has a Monett team gone 10-0 in the regular season. And that 1971 club went on to win the first of two state titles in MHS history. In going to 10-0, the Cubs combined a solid defensive effort with an equally solid offensive one, scoring in every quarter."

So, while I am proud to be a Cub every day it was nice to see that others who wouldn't normally do so are feeling that way, too.

Congrats Cubs and good luck Wednesday night against Springfield Catholic!

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