Sunday, July 25


If you still don't know who you are going to vote for in the 7th District Congressional Primary on Tuesday, August 3rd, then you aren't alone. Many Southwest Missouri residents are still trying to make up their minds on who they believe will be the best nominee.

The world wide web hasn't been a friend to providing "just the facts" regarding the candidates either. The blogosphere has been lighting up with comments by supporters and detractors of the men running for the job.

With all of the rumors and innuendos floating around, it is hard to know just what is fact and what is fiction. KSPR's Joe Daues set down and talked to most of the candidates about their views on many issues. You can check out what each of the candidates said by clicking here.

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Darin Codon said...

This was a great series and a commendable effort to inform citizens